Tutorial lessons and training examples of Geant4

Geant4 example

There are few Geant4 lessons and educational examples in Russian in Internet, but also there are few in English. The examples supplied with the Geant4 distribution are quite complicated for beginners to understand and even the most basic examples are a bit confusing.

This section of website is developed to break the entry barrier into Geant4 and eliminate the gaps in its study. It helps in modeling of nuclear-physical processes in high-energy physics.

Also it is the official part: Geant4 is a software package developed at CERN for modeling the interaction and passege of radiation and elementary particles through matter. It is widely used for modeling of the detector response, radiation and passage of high-energy particles in accelerators, including LHC. It includes packages (modules) for modeling particles of low energies from several eV, which significantly expands the application of Geant4 in medicine, industry.

Geant4 official site is http://geant4.web.cern.ch/. It is completely free under the Geant4 Software License. The native (native) platform is Linux and it is also available on Windows and MacOS.